Hey Parents: Need help? Join the club!

What can we do with the kids today? What destinations are family-friendly? Has anyone else had trouble with potty training?

Parenting is a joy, but it can also be exhausting and tough. It’s more fun to have support along the way.

Welcome to the SoVa Parents group, a resource dedicated to moms, dads and caretakers in Southern Virginia. Founded in early 2015, this project sprang from a desire to connect local families into community so they can support one another by sharing ideas, advice, and recommendations for fun things to do.

Get information for Danville, Pittsylvania County and other destinations accessible for Southern Virginians. We also share relevant news and events. We could all use a little more humor, wisdom, and support in our lives.

So come join other moms and dads in Southern Virginia who want to connect with other parents in the region. SoVa Parents has a group on Facebook for active discussion and direct messaging between members.

If you’re interested in joining, just send an admin a message to join. It’s easy! Posts are only visible to other members of the group. We’re just starting out, so we’re small now, but we’re growing. Come grow with us!

Join SoVa Parents on Facebook!

(The Facebook group requires admin approval, but the companion website, SoVaParents.com, is free and open to the public.)


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