Top 10 reasons to take your kids to the Danville riverwalk trail

— Danville, Virginia

1. It’s FREE. And the parking is FREE, too!

And there’s even a newsstand with a FREE publication of other FREE parks & recreation opportunities.

River Trail Entrance and Parking Area

2. Vitamin D and exercise.

It’s outside and active. But in the fun, sneaky way to get exercise. Where the breeze blows your hair while gazing at the sunlight filtering through the tree leaves. Geese fly overhead honking. And you’re off and moving before your body realizes the trick that you’ve pulled. The kind of exercise that feels more relaxing than like a chore. Go early! Go often!


3. It’s stroller-friendly. And bike friendly. And wagon friendly.

And tandem bikes. And your little dog, too!
And here’s a map.

Bicycle on Dan River Trail Danville Va

4. Bridges.

The street bridge, train bridge and pedestrian bridge all display distinct architectural features. Lots of visual variation and interesting textures. They sound differently when you ride over them and echo differently when you talk under them. Stand awhile and watch as the trucks rumble or the trains roar.

5. Feed the ducks and geese.

Maybe even see some ducklings or goslings. Just don’t upset Mama or Papa Goose.


6. Go fishing or kayaking on the Dan River

Copyright SoVa Parents
Choose from many access points!

7. Say hello to some local wildlife.

We’ve seen turtles, bunnies, lizards, woodchucks, vultures and great blue heron.

8. Find wild berries.

Try to identify other plant life along the trail, too.

Wild blackberries along the river trail in Danville Virginia

9. Have a picnic or party.

Dan River picnic

10. It’s beautiful. And spending time with your children while nurturing their appreciation for the natural world is beautiful, too.

Danville Virginia Greenway River Walk Trail

Happy trails!

#DanRiver #DanvilleRocks

What are YOUR favorite things about the river? Post your own thoughts and things to do in the comment section below.

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