Rollin’, rollin’ on the RiverWalk

Hey, parents of young kids: This place is stroller friendly!

The city of Danville has invested in their waterfront area with the Riverwalk Trail greenway. In the last few years there’s a new fountain installation and pagoda. There’s a parking area near Craghead and Main St near two of the bridges that cross the Dan River. This parking area is one of several access points to the riverwalk. Another accesspoint that we recommend is behind the Community Market adjacent to Carrington Pavilion. There are also restrooms at the Carrington Pavilion access point.

We have found this destination to be an intersection of several of our interests — a way to get outdoors and active, experience nature, and enjoy pretty scenic views. Everybody wins! Every time we have visited this area we have seen several animals. Sometimes fish fighting the current, turtles basking in the sun, other times Canadian geese and Great Blue Heron.

Older kids might be interested in the slice of Parisian tradition on the bridge. Add your own lock with a special message.

The trail along the river is paved and great for foot traffic, bikes, strollers and wagons.

In the middle of summer, go early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Walking across the bridge and along the water will give you a fuller view of the sky so you can admire gorgeous sunsets, too!

SoVa Tip #1: There are no fences or guardrails along the water’s edge. In a few places, the walkway jets out toward a drop-off. No doubt this is a nice feature for fishers who would like to get a great position to drop their hooks without stepping in mud. Little ones who are otherwise staying on the path will naturally want to follow the path and get overly curious with this ledge. If you know ahead of time, you can establish some rules to STAY BACK from the very edge!

SoVa Tip #2: Depending on the time of day, insect repellant and sunscreen would be great to have handy. The walkway is partially shaded.

SoVa Tip #3: If you’re with a group, this is a great activity for the kids while others check out the shops in town or go to the community market. And you can all park the car once and meet back in the middle.

SoVa Tip #4: If you want to see more fish and identify them from the pier or bridge, try no to go right after a rain. The sediment of the river will be churned up after heavy rainfall.



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