“Shangri-la” in Prospect Hill: Miniature stone village delights highway travelers

Pages and pages of memories and messages appear in the visitors' journal.
Pages and pages of memories and messages appear in the visitors’ journal.

Shangri-La is the fictional paradise in Lost Horizon, a 1933 novel by British author James Hilton.  It’s also the name given to this miniature scale stone village.  It may not be actual paradise, but it’s certainly a small hidden land tucked away in Caswell County from the rest of the world.  Very small.

Shangri-La stone village in Prospect Hill, North Carolina, is a complete rendering of a functioning village. It sits just off the highway in the sideyard of a private residence. There’s a utility road that runs parallel to the highway that visitors can use without intruding on the home’s acreage.

SoVa Tip #1: Take a camera!

SoVa Tip #2: This isn’t an all-day destination. Ideally, stop by if you’re already traveling on highway NC-86 through Caswell County, North Carolina.

SoVa Tip #3: Even if you opt not to sign the visitors journal, it’s fun to see that the journal is brimming with entries — pictures, thank you notes, stories…  The area may not seem busy, but flip through the pages and you’ll see commentary from people all over who have the shared experience of stopping to see this tiny town.


11621 NC Highway 86 South
11621 NC-86
Prospect Hill, NC 27314

SoVa Tip #4:  Don’t miss the turn! Look for the Prospect Hill Fire Department.


Stop during daylight hours only.

SoVa Tip #5: Be respectful that this is someone’s home, not public property. Likewise, the structures are built of stone and mortar and may be fairly sturdy against the elements, but they should probably NOT be climbed on.

Make a game trying to identify all of the structures.  What are the identifying features that would cause your guess?





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