#snOMG in Danville: Sledding in Ballou Park

If you haven’t seen this video, it was practically our theme song for a few weeks this winter.

Between sick kid, sick parent, another sick parent, and snow days, we were experiencing a rough case of cabin fever.

Finally, we were healthy enough and the roads were treated enough for us to get out of the house and GO DO SOMETHING ALREADY. Our options were still pretty limited. We went sledding. And then the roads were safe enough for us to venture out to a park. And I have to say…

Ballou Park gets 4 stars for sledding.

Minus a half star for easily slamming face-first into trees. Trees, although great for shade in the summer, not-so-great for riding a disc sled with almost zero steering capability. And minus another half star for too easily sledding onto a road or diving into a byway.

Some random kid is laughing after I wiped out.
Some random kid is laughing after I wiped out.

But oh look at those beautiful, beautiful hills. Perfect for sledding weather.sleddinghills

Tip: If you can get there safely, go when the snow is fresher. If the snow is thin, patches on the hill will bald.
Tip: Depending on your sled, pick a starting out point that has very little chance of going in a dangerous direction. We found the rounded sleds were especially unpredictable and kept veering towards the road even though the slope of the hill appeared to go parallel to the road. So, either go down on the ride with the kids or be sure they’re in an area where steering isn’t an issue.

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